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Quality Management

Quality philosophy

DAUtec is a competent partner for its customers and suppliers.QM

In our efficiently structured organisation well trained and experienced specialists are available
to continually adapt our services to the requirements of our customers and, if necessary,
to optimise them to the customer’s advantage.

An essential element of our service is an effectively designed quality management system.
It is based on the requirements of the norms

  • ISO 9001:2008 and
  • EN 9100:2009

as well as the applicable contractual and statutory provisions.

Quality is for us the agreement between the requirements and expectations of our
customers and our performance.

In particular, this includes fulfilling the requirements and expectations regarding theQuality philosophy

  • technical quality,
  • scope and
  • timely delivery.

At the centre of our focus is the aim that our services must not only meet the requirements
of our customers, but must also inspire the customers by offering them extra value.

We fulfil this aim by:
  • Proper analysis of the client’s requirements, needs and expectations
  • Providing solution-orientated services which exceed the requirements
  • Timely completion
  • Market-driven prices
  • Continual improvement of our system

Our quality philosophy as formulated by the management is regularly assessed to determine
its adequacy and effectivity and if necessary revised. Our philosophy takes into account the
customer’s expectations and needs, includes the commitment of the whole company to fulfil
the defined requirements as well as their continual improvement, and forms the context for
determining and reviewing the quality goals.

This quality philosophy serves as a guideline for all employees in the execution of their tasks.
It is the management’s responsibility that the philosophy is made known, understood and
implemented throughout the organisation.

At DAUtec we are customer-driven.

Our aim is to inspire and maintain the enduring confidence and trust of our customers by
rendering first class service.

The starting point for this is the comprehensive determination and specification of the
customer’s requirements and expectations by:

  • Intensive communication with the customer
  • Individual appraisal in the enquiry/offer phase

All employees of DAUtec GmbH have the responsibility, by monitoring and controlling the
applicable processes, to ensure that the needs and expectations of our customers are
converted into defined service specifications and completely fulfilled.

At least once a year we undertake an additional systematic determination and analysis of
customer satisfaction.

If it is contractually agreed upon, we grant representatives of our customers or regulatory
authorities access to our company and support in carrying out the necessary tasks.



We have been certified in accordance with the norm EN 9100:2009 by the independent
certification authority TÜV SÜD.Zertifikat



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