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Flight Accident Investigation

Hans-Jörg Dau, Managing Director of DAUtec, is also an accredited investigator BFU
for the Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Investigation.

The know-how obtained from this function is available to DAUtec and provides
valuable expertise especially with regard to new product developments in the
aerospace field.Flight Acccident Investigation

According to the Law Relating to the Investigation into Accidents and Incidents
Associated with the Operation of Civil Aircraft, all accidents and serious incidents
which occur during the operation of civil aircraft over 2000kg, rotorcraft, balloons
and airships operated by an air carrier must be investigated.

In the case of incidents involving aircraft up to 2000 kg which are not operated by
Flight Acccident Investigationan air carrier, gliders, motor gliders, and other aircraft, an investigation is only
started by the Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Investigation when new or
important findings for aviation security are to be expected. Due to this situation,
flight accidents increasingly have to be investigated by public prosecutors, the
police or insurance companies on their own.


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